Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get paid?

Once you have earned enough for the minimal withdrawal, you can select one of the listed payment methods for your withdrawal.

We ONLY support cryptocurrency withdrawals and with the following types:

  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Algorand (ALGO)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB)
  • Dashcoin (DASH)
  • Solana (SOL)

Please use the actual wallet address and not a Payeer or other format.

We DO NOT accept BTC or ETH as the fees are too expensive.

We DO NOT support Faucetpay or any micropayment services.

We DO NOT offer PayPal for withdrawals as the currency conversion fees and transaction fees are too high.  It is only available for deposit.

If we receive any form of withdrawal request for Payeer, PerfectMoney, PayPal or other formats, the withdrawal will be refunded back to your account.

2. What does Tier-1 Ads mean?

Our advertising and earning platform is open to all, but our PTC and PTSU advertisements are only for Tier-1 countries.  If you are not in one of the countries listed below, you will not be allowed to view or complete ads in those categories.  Our goal for those ad types is to provide the highest quality clicks from specific countries and to attract advertisers in that market.

Our other ad types are available to all countries.

"Tier 1 countries" is a term that is often used in the context of digital marketing, advertising, and the tech industry to refer to countries with the most developed economies and highest purchasing power. This categorization can differ slightly depending on context and the specific industry, but commonly, the Tier 1 countries include:

1. United States
2. Canada
3. Australia
4. United Kingdom
5. New Zealand
6. Germany
7. France
8. Japan

Sometimes, countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and the Netherlands can also be included in this list, especially when referring to affluent markets with a high purchasing power.

It's important to note that this categorization can be subjective and varies based on the criteria used and the specific industry or market being addressed. Always ensure that you're considering the most relevant and up-to-date classification for your specific purpose.


3. What account funding options do you support?

We currently offer the following methods for funding your account and withdrawals:

  1. PayPal
  2. Credit Card (via Stripe)
  3. Cryptocurrencies
4. Why was the withdrawal amount I received less than what I requested?

If you chose a cryptocurrency such as ethereum or others were gas fees or transaction fees are high, then you will receive less in your payout.

Why is this?

Because the company does not absorb transaction fees on cryptocurrency payments. We send you the amount requested minus the fee. The net amount received is the amount that was owed to you.

Please do not submit support tickets that you did not receive the amount you requested.

We will be glad to provide any transaction. Hashes or proof of payment sent with the fees clearly disclosed if they are requested.


5. Do you support FaucetPay or Payeer?

No we do not support Faucetpay or Payeer.  If you want to use your faucetpay or payeer account, you will need to provide your actual wallet address and not your email.

6. Why was my pending withdrawal refunded back to my account?

If you receive notice that your pending withdrawal was refunded back to your account, it is because of the following reason:

You chose BTC or ETH, Faucetpay, Payeer, PayPal or some other method other than an dactual wallet address as your withdrawal method, all of which would result in the fees being higher than the amount requested or it is a method we do not support.

Here is what you should do in this case...

Either wait until you have a larger amount to withdraw if you still want to use those payment methods with high fees or you can select a cryptocurrency with a lower fee.

You must provide an actual cryptocurrency wallet address.  It cannot be a username or account name from another platform.

7. I completed an offer in the OfferWall but I don't see credit for it yet, why?

Note, that OfferWalls present 3rd party survey, application downloads and other advertisements that are geo-targeted for your specific location, device type or both.

For offers where a complex surveyed lead is capture, for example, those 3rd party providers may wait to receive confirmation from their advertising partners that the leads are good and should be credited.

If the CPA Offer (Cost Per Action) was valid, a "postback" will be sent back to our website confirming the offer and the member that completed it, resulting in credit.  If the action was rejected, credit will not be issued.

We have no control over that process other than providing you the list of offers to complete as an intermediary.

If you did not get credit for an offer, please do not submit a support ticket for it as we have no way to control it either way.  The system is fully-automated in how credit is issued or rejected.


8. I have purchased and rented referrals but they aren't doing anything. Will they be profitable?

Here is our perspective on referrals that are purchased or rented within FaucetWave and Tier1 Ads.

There is ZERO way to determine if someone will be active or not.  If they are a confirmed user account with no sponsor, then they are available for purchase or rent automatically.

Some end up performing activities and you will earn from those members.  If you are an upgraded member and not just a free one, you will earn on multiple levels as well and a higher commission rate from their activities on both platforms.

With our rented referrals, we have an autorecycle in place that will automatically replace the rented referrals if they have never clicked on anything and they are not suspended.  The frequency of this is also determined by your membership level.

We give you the highest chance possible to leverage other referrals to help build your business.

We have some VIP upgraded members that are already earning between $5 - $10 per day from their downline after the first month.

This will ultimately be a strategy that you have to evaluate and consider for yourself as you move forward with our platforms.


9. What ads can I click if I am not from a Tier-1 Country?

You can view ads just like everyone else in the Earn Money section. There will be some ads in the PTC and PTSU offer section that are only for tier-1 countries.  With those, you will not see them listed to click.


10. I see my name in the referral contest in the Top 100, why was I not one of the winners?

We get this question regularly on our Referral Contests.  Please note the following so that you understand how each contest works.

Just because you see yourself in the Top 100 for referrers, it DOES NOT mean that you are a winner in the contest.  Each contest is based on terms set for each one.  For example, if the contest is based on the top 10 referrers over a 30-day period, it does not mean that you are automatically a winner if you have referred more over time.  It is based on how many you referred in that period (i.e. - 30 days).

Be sure to read the terms for each contest that is running in order to understand what the rules for said contest are.


11. Can I change my username?

No, your username is the unique identifier for your account, so it cannot be altered.

12. How often can I click ads?

Advertisements can be clicked once every 24 hours. They reset at midnight (00:00h server time).

13. How things work

The primary ways to earn here are through surveys and offerwalls. Log in to your account daily and explore the offerwall/survey section. Ensure you understand the requirements for each offer before you begin. We also provide other earning methods such as watching advertisements, videos, and engaging in simple games. Additionally, you can promote your referral link and earn commissions from the earnings of your referrals.

14. Why has my withdrawal not been paid yet?

We process withdrawals once per day in the mornings in Central Time Zone.

If you requested your withdrawal after our daily processing, it will be the next business day before we process yours.

Please do not open a support ticket asking why your withdrawal has not been received yet if it has been less than one business day.


15. Can I have more than one account?

No, we believe one account is sufficient for each user. Only 1 account per device is permitted.

We also strictly enforce IP fraud checks.